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About CTR

Welcome to the website of the Centre for Trust Research (CTR). CTR was founded in early 2012 at the University of Surrey. All six of its founding members are currently based at Surrey Business School.

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The Centre for Trust Research (CTR) is the first research centre to focus solely on organisational trust, an area which has rightfully attracted a great level of attention within social science research particularly in the past two decades. CTR aims to become a research hub with global outreach. Our mission is to deliver high class research on trust in organisational and inter-organisational contexts, and to facilitate contacts between trust researchers to achieve the same. In addition to in-depth conceptual groundwork, we will carry out empirical studies, frequently based on a comparative design. Thus, it is our main goal to advance trust research based particularly, but not exclusively on sociological, psychological, HRM- and more broadly management-related approaches.

This website has two main aims. First, it is intended to give you an overview over CTR’s aims and activities. You can learn more about us by reading about our individual members (including their recent publications), as well as other hubs of trust research with which we maintain links. Second, it aims to serve as a source of information which trust researchers worldwide may find useful. Be sure to check upcoming events at CTR, and especially our new CTR Speaker Series, an innovative new format which we hope will prove a valuable resource for anyone wishing to stay up to date with important developments in the field. Finally, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments on this website or any aspect of CTR’s activities.