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CTR was founded in early 2012 at the University of Surrey. All six founding members are based at Surrey Business School. As you can see below, our members, strategic partners and advisory board include some of the best-known and most-cited scholars in organisational trust research.

Founding members

Click on a profile below for more details of each founding member:

Reinhard Bachmann, Director

Frens Kroeger, Deputy Director

Mark Saunders, Deputy Director

Evangelia Varoutsa

Antonina Bauman

And Julie Gore.

Strategic Partners

We maintain close links with the group of trust researchers centered around Akbar Zaheer and Andrew Van De Ven at the University of Minnesota, and with an exciting new group led by Luo Jiaojiang at the University of Wuhan, one of China’s top ten Higher Education Institutions.

Advisory Board

CTR’s Advisory Board is in the process of being set up. Over the next few months, CTR will approach further renowned trust researchers to serve on its Advisory Board (inter alia, at the meetings of FINT and EGOS). Currently, it consists of the following members:

  • Akbar Zaheer
  • Christel Lane
  • Rosalind Searle
  • Antoinette Weibel
  • Kirsimarja Blomqvist
  • Suzana Rodrigues
  • Nicole Gillespie
  • Guido Möllering
  • Niels Noorderhaven